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Our Story

Danville is a small community in central Indiana, known for its town square and its quiet, confident, caring people. Danville Community School Corporation is a reflection of the town, filled with eager students and caring staff.  This is the backdrop of our story, because to understand our story is to understand the people of Danville.  

In 2008-2009, the Danville Community School Corporation had three of its four schools reach the highest rating
 in the State of Indiana, that of a Four Star School. While the Four Star ratings were celebrated, Danville’s thirst for excellence continued. Our teaching staff and parents began researching new, engaging, flexible learning options for our students. Small study groups deconstructed well-known one-to-one programs where each student is issued a laptop, netbook, iPad, or digital tablet. During the 2009-2010 school year, a handful of classes piloted this program. The results of the test were mixed, with the greatest disappointment centered on the limitations of the netbooks.  

In the fall of 2010, a wide variety of study groups began researching other mobile devices and investigating possible bonds and grants.  After a formal “Request for Proposal” process, testing, and input from teachers and the community, Danville Community School Corporation selected Apple Corporation as the provider of iPads for a Digital Instruction initiative at Danville Community High School. The iPad's cost, battery life, size, functions, and simplicity makes it more than just a mobile computing device; it's a new way of learning.

The pursuit of alternative funding also began to bear fruit. Danville Community School Corporation was awarded both a technology bond and a Classroom Innovation Grant from the Indiana Department of Education to be used for Digital Instruction. All high school students received an iPad during the first trimester of the 2011/12 school year and have started leveraging its many uses. A supplemental Classroom Innovation Grant was awarded in March 2012 to expand the iPad project and integrate a K-12 digital learning solution. 

As a result, in addition to each high school student being issued an iPad to use both at school and home, all students in grades K-8 have access to approximately five iPads per classroom while at school. All Danville Community School Corporation teachers have received training on how to effectively leverage iPads in their classrooms and how to create online and blended learning opportunities for students of all ages. 

Print the eLearning at Danville flyer to learn more.