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    1. Each high school student will receive a formatted iPad.

    2. A unique, individual iPad will follow the student throughout the student’s career at Danville Community High School.  A parent/guardian may choose not to participate in the iPad program by sending written notification to the building principal. As a substitute for the iPad, books and other materials will be distributed to the student when available.  Danville Community School Corporation cannot guarantee equal access to materials and/or quality of materials to students opting out of the iPad program.

    3. iPads will be distributed at the beginning of the school year and collected at the end of the school year.  All iPads must be returned by the last day of the school year or the student may be charged replacement costs of the iPad.

    4. Students who leave Danville Community School Corporation during the school year must return their iPad, along with any other accessories when they leave the corporation.  Failure to return an iPad in a timely fashion may result in legal action.

    5. Summer use of an iPad will be by instructor request only. There is no general student use of a school-issued iPad during the summer.