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    1. The cost of the iPad will be included in the students’ book fees. The Danville Digital Instruction initiative should have little effect on the total amount a student pays in book fees. 

    2. The cost of the iPad includes: the iPad, iPad case, iPad charger, access to a keyboard, software applications (apps) including a reading program, a writing program, insurance, and assorted programs/accessories specific to individual classes.

    3. The student’s iPad lease includes insurance against loss, theft, or accidental damage to an iPad or iPad accessories.  Student insurance is limited to one iPad per school year and includes a $100.00 deductable for an iPad that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

    4. The iPad, once formatted by Danville Community Schools, may not be modified in any way, including adding or deleting app(s), while the iPad is in use during the school year.  iPad modification or app(s) deletion may result in the need for reformatting at a substantial cost to the student.